Lab Animal Science Cleaning Supplies

For more than 30 years, Contec has been the leading manufacturer worldwide of mission critical cleaning products and tools in facilities where mitigating risk of contamination is of utmost importance. Contec’s products are used in a variety of critical life science industries, including biomedical, pharmaceutical manufacturing, cleanrooms, healthcare, acute care, medical device, optics, and others.

Combining that knowledge and experience with that of our industry-specific distribution partners, we understand the unique cleaning requirements of lab animal facilities.

Clean Counts Most


Cleaning solutions for all of your LAS Needs

We develop and manufacture our mops, wipes, and other tools right here in the United States at our own quality-controlled facilities. We have the broadest array of products in the lab animal space, specially designed for every environment in your LAS facility. 


Proper vivarium cleaning is essential to maintaining animal health and research integrity.

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Procedure Rooms

Proper cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining of procedure rooms is critical to the success of any program.

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Cage Wash

Contec knows that time and labor are huge challenges in the Lab Animal Science industry.

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Common Areas

Contec Professional is here to help with a wide range of unique application tools and chemistry.

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Explore Our Lab Animal Science Cleaning Products

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Mops & Dusters

Our innovative mopping system and textiles for low-lint mopping, chemical application, and dusting, including single-use microfiber mop pads, disposable mops, disposable microfiber dusters, and more.

ContecClean Cloths


The ideal wipes for a broad range of surfaces, our portfolio features wipers such as single-use microfiber wipes, premium hand pads, nonwoven wipes, equipment cleaning wipes, and more.

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Parts & Hardware

Durable tools and accessories for your LAS facility, including ergonomic handles, interchangeable connectors, color-coded cleaning tool holders, autoclavable buckets, and more.

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Peroxigard Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant has become the leading cleaner/disinfectant in the lab animal sciences market.

Cage Wash for Quality Assurance page

Quality Assurance Kit

Enhance your Quality Assurance program with broader testing, redundancy, and improved data logging.

Expert Resources for your LAS Team

Specialty Cleaning Products for Lab Animal Sciences

Specialty Cleaning Products for Lab Animal Sciences

For more than 30 years, Contec has been the leading manufacturer worldwide of mission critical cleaning products and tools in facilities where mitigating risk of contamination is of
utmost importance.

Product Recommendations for Lab Animal Sciences

Product Recommendations for Large Animal Facilities

Contec's Lab Animal Sciences portfolio incorporates our best and most efficient products and technologies into a complete system of solutions for cleaning and disinfecting large animal facilities.

Hardware Guide for Lab Animal Science Facilities

Hardware Guide for Lab Animal Science Facilities

Cleaning and maintaining an Animal Lab is challenging and resource intensive but consistency, effectiveness and compliance are critical to helping reduce potential contamination and delays in research.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Contec, we have prioritized our economic, social, and environmental responsibilities since our founding in 1988. As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), we have focused on sustainability, and we received a 2022 Bronze Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis!

We also actively support our partners’ sustainability programs. For example, did you know that switching from relaundered microfiber flat mops to Premira® single-use microfiber mop pads could save you precious resources?

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Contec Innovation

Do you have a contamination control problem? 

Our R&D team is standing by to work side-by-side to support your next contamination control problem. Submit an idea below, and one of our technical experts will be in touch to start our next project together!

About Us

Whether safeguarding patients from cross-contamination risks, maintaining healthy cleanliness in schools and offices, or improving cleaning ergonomics, our range of professional cleaning products and solutions demonstrate our commitment to clean. Learn more about how Contec Lab Animal Sciences has revolutionized cleaning.

Featured Lab Animal Science Products

Premira® Tight Quarter Pads and Hardware

Premira® Tight Quarters Pads and Hardware

ZeroGravity™ handles also come in small sizes ideally suited for cleaning in confined areas like hoods, isolators and bio safety cabinets. When ...

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ZeroGravity™ QuickChange™ Mopping System

ZeroGravity™ QuickChange™ Mopping System

Cleaning the vivarium is often time consuming and challenging. Why? Many times, it comes down to a lack of effective and efficient tools. Contec has ...

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ContecClean™ Cloths

ContecClean™ Cloths

ContecClean™ Cloths offer a great balance of performance and durability. Available in a large selection of options, and ideal for application of a ...

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